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Columbia River

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Mayger, Oregon: The entrance to an old fishing station that has been re-inhabited. This sign says welcome the one next to it is covered in bullet holes.


Mayger, Oregon: The padlocked gate and satellite dish show signs of life.


Mayger, Oregon: Locked out.


Mayger, Oregon: The view from the shoreline

Knappton Cove, Washington: The plaque at the old quarantine centre museum.

Knappton Cove, Washington: The quarantine centre museum, which is open saturday afternoons only or by prior appointment, one of 7 buildings that make up Knappton Cove.

Knappton Cove, Washington: Remains of the old docks and pilings at high tide.

Knappton Cove, Washington: A new fisherman's rest has been added to the remains of an old fishing station.

Celilo Falls , Oregon: For 2000 years Celilo Falls was a hugely important Native American fishing ground and settlement that had a reach far beyond the Columbia River. In the 1950s the river was dammed it took just 6 hours for the water to back fill and remove a rich and important part from the Native peoples history and traditions. Today it is a navigable channel and a windsurfers haven.



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