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The town has gone through several rebirths, first known as Raw Dog, it became known as Dog-Town when it and the nearby town Yallerdog combined together. Eventually it became known as Hardman once a farmer named Hardman opened a post office there. Again a town of less than 20 but with many more buildings. According to some locals, many of the inhabitanted houses in Hardman are a 2nd home, an escape from it all, in the plains of Oregon.

Hardman, Oregon: An old Dodge truck on main street.


Hardman, Oregon: A derelict house.

ghost town01

Hardman, Oregon: A derelict house on one of the back streets.


Hardman, Oregon: Mr Stump Tail and his owner.

Hardman, Oregon: The old general store.

Hardman, Oregon: Housing, extensions, trailers and trucks.

Hardman, Oregon: Despite the condition of some houses there are some that are very much up to date and with mod-cons.




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